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“The best physio and massage that I have had in the UK. Janica is professional, thorough and very experienced you can tell. Highly recommended!”
“I have been to Janica’s dance inspire classes, and I can say without a doubt that it has been a game-changer for me. The energetic and motivating atmosphere created by the instructor and the amazing music playlists she uses pushes me to give my all during each workout. Overall, I highly recommend Janica’s classes to anyone looking to spice up their workout routine and achieve their fitness goals.”
“I contacted Janica when i needed some one on one lessons to further my Pilates skills. She taught me the basics first, I never felt rushed and I always had Janica’s fullest attention during these sessions. Her teaching skills are excellent and she was very patient in the beginning as I was just a beginner. I recommend her as a instructor and mentor to anybody.”
“The week was just what I hoped for, workouts, resting time, sunshine. All of this with great company. Thank you Janica!”
“Janica is a lovely instructor. You can always ask for advice in class and outside of it. She takes in consideration different fitness and knowledge levels of her clients. Her versatility shows in the class. She is always happy and has a great sense of humour.”
“Janica´s ballet classes are wonderful. I feel as flexible as I did when I was young. My balance has progressed. I can´t really do jumps anymore, but sometimes I forget my knee problems when I get going in class. I listen to my body and it does not matter that I can´t do everything anymore, for example, lift my leg as high as I used to. I remember the ballet terms and it´s good that Janica uses them in class. The music is versatile from classical to more modern upbeat songs. Stretching is done at the end of class and I know I have progressed immensely. The structure of the class is right. First the Pliés to warm up the body with extending, rounding and arching the back then moving in to other excercises. Sometimes I get a bit emotional because this training style is just so beautiful. I can easily forget stress at work and every day life. I have had tough times dealing with my sons illness, but even that I can forget while I'm focusing in the class. Janica is a funloving, inspiring and precise instructor who makes sure all the movements are performed right. She will give you options for all the exercises, if you have any injuries and/or recovering from an illness. She knows anatomy and physiology and for that she is very knowledgeable. The routines change on a regular basis, so you get to challenge yourself. I recommend this class to everyone and all age groups. I have a ballet background, but you don´t need one to attend and enjoy this class.”
“Had a long lasting injury that I received proper treatment on. After seeing Janica a few times I noticed a visible difference in my injured leg compared to the other. Still have to work on it, but I’m feeling a lot more confident and my balance has returned”.
“Made me feel better and looser and highlighted problems that needed to be worked out. Felt better mobility after “
“Janica is a professional Pilates instructor and massage therapist. I have been a client of hers for several years and have no hesitation in recommending her services. She has a deep understanding of human anatomy and takes the time to explain why a particular training movement is important and how it relates back to the underlying function of the body”.
“My first stretching class was with Janica. I never thought I would use stretching classes as I just did weights and cardio. She showed me that stretching could stop the lower back pain I had been suffering from. Also after a weights session the stretching she showed me stopped my muscle groups from aching. I highly recommend Janica´s stretching class as it has taught me a lot and saved me from a great deal of pain.“
“I have been seeing Janica for a few months for chronic shoulder pain sustained in the line of my work. I find Janica easy to approach, warm, gentle, yet effective. My quality of sleep has improved significantly since seeing her and I am glad to recommend her to anyone.“
“Thank you for being such a brilliant instructor. My legs feel so light now.”
“Janica is a massage therapist of the highest calibre, she single handedly resolved my tennis elbow!”
“Really enjoying my physio sessions with Janica. I started seeing Janica due to metatarsalgia and I had problems with walking and my usual fitness activities. Janica is very knowledgable, she provided with me useful exercises to increase mobility and great sports massages, and has helped speed up my recovery. I’m now back to most of my fitness activities and am looking at other areas that she can help me improve. I would definitely recommend.”
“I train regularly in Swimming and land based activities. Janica is always able to iron out tight muscles as well as sorting out muscle imbalances that occur. I would highly recommend Janica’s treatment.“
“Thank you Janica for a brilliant relaxing massage helping me ease away all my stress and aches and pains. Will be back again to see you soon.“
“Excellent therapist, sorted out my back pain that I'd been suffering with on and off for years, thank you !!“

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