Group Classes

Pilates Janica® method: ”Adore your core”

Pilates Janica method is a fantastic combination of classical Pilates training and a touch of Janica’s techniques.

What and who is Pilates for?

We follow the 6 principles  of classical Pilates which are concentration, centering, control, breathing, precision and of course flow of movement.

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BM Ballet®: ”Come as you are, leave feeling like a ballet star”

BM Ballet® aka Body Melody Ballet is a beautiful combination of Pilates and ballet. The control and flow used in Pilates and the softness  of ballet make a perfect wellness package. In BM Ballet® you will get elastic and strong muscles combined with a graceful, beautiful posture.

We concentrate on the deep muscles and control even more during the floor exercises bringing the ballet into the workout with turn out and flexibility.

You don’t need prior training in either style to join this class.

Be a star – A ballet superstar.

Stretching/relaxing the body: ”Stretch it out”

Stretching the muscles is a great way destress. Other benefits of stretching include:

You don’t have to be flexible to be able to join a stretching session. During our classes we always give plenty of options on the different positions to provide you with the most beneficial way to stretch and lengthen.

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