Group Classes

Group fitness classes are a type of exercise class that is done in a group setting, typically in a gym or fitness studio. These classes are led by an experienced and motivational fitness instructor who guides participants through a structured workout routine. Group fitness classes vary in terms of the type of exercise and format, but some common examples include:


The stretching class can be used as a recovery from a workout before workout and or as a weekly routine to lengthen the body.

Benefits of stretching include improvement in flexibility, less aches and pains, better blood circulation, positive impact on your mindset and it can be very relaxing.

Dance Inspire

Dance inspire encourages you to let loose.

High-energy, fun and great for cardio, this class is designed for all levels of movers with a variety of amazing songs leading you into a great workout.

Let the beat lead you.

BM Ballet ®

BM Ballet is a magnificent combination of ballet techniques and Pilates training.

This style of exercising is very beneficial for getting joints moving and increasing flexibility.

Your cardiovascular fitness will increase without you even noticing it.

Group fitness classes offer several benefits, such as motivation, accountability, social interaction, and the opportunity to try new types of exercises. These classes are suitable for individuals of various fitness levels, as modifications can be provided to accommodate different abilities and goals.

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