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Janica’s key qualifications are Sports Massage Therapist, Digital Wellbeing Coach,dance  instructor, Pilates instructor and Sports Therapist. She also has an extra qualification in Level 3 Education and Training (RQF) and she keeps studying every day to be the best in her field. Her most recent qualification is BSc in Sports Therapy.

“Helping people to find their strengths and abilities gives me great pleasure. Living a hectic  life can make you physically and mentally exhausted, which can very easily lead to burning  out. I can help you overcome that exhaustion”.

Janica’s career as a wellness professional already began in 1987 when she walked into her  first dance studio. A clear vision of her future and her goals were built up during her training  years. Qualifying as a dance instructor and combining all the skills she had learnt, it was a logical choice to enter the field of Sports Massage therapy. During this period she studied about anatomy, physiology, functional training, various massage techniques and other physical treatments.

Now over 26 years have gone by, and she still does what she loves and loves what she does.

“Every movement counts” is one of Janica’s favourite sentences. It describes the importance of  every movement in Pilates training. There is no rush and the more you can concentrate the  better you will feel after the class.

When she is teaching or providing body treatments, she helps people to listen to themselves  and to understand the signals the body sends whether it’s being stressed, being constantly  busy or any other emotion as well as their physical strengths and weaknesses and how to  improve them with exercise. In her Pilates and other wellness classes she lets her clients do everything at their own pace, so they won’t feel any pressure or discomfort throughout the class.

Experience through teaching and attending professional training courses gave her a unique  understanding of anatomy and functional training.

”Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness”

Joseph Pilates

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